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Service: There is no limit to our partnership.

Whether you purchase a complete production line or a single component, it is the start of a long lasting relationship with LAXMI EN-FAB PVT. LTD. Our service does not stop with the handover of the equipment to the customer – but lasts for the lifetime of the machine.

Assembly and commissioning

After delivery, plants are installed and commissioned by our own qualified and experienced engineers.

After sales service

With programmed visits by our experts, a preventative maintenance programme is agreed to maintain high productivity and minimise downtimes.

Training of operators

During the installation and commissioning of the equipment, the operators are given training and familiarisation with all the plant components and after the final test run, should be able to run the plant themselves at the agreed productivity.

Product advice

LAXMI EN-FAB PVT. LTD’s vast experience of manufacturing concrete elements ensures both visual and technical qualities of the finished product.

Service hotline

LAXMI EN-FAB PVT. LTD has a 24 hour Service hotline for the customer to assist in the diagnosis of any malfunctions or when problems in the production system occur.

Online tele service

Today, technical support for the equipment is provided in most instances online. Updates and programme modifications can also be done via modem, without having LAXMI EN-FAB PVT. LTD engineers on site.

Spare parts service

With our flexible system and worldwide spare parts locations, if necessary, we are able to supply quickly and cost effectively within 24 hours, unless the parts have to be manufactured specially.