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Auto Clave

We design and manufacture our autoclaves specifically to meet your processing and operational specifications. As a leading manufacturer and exporter of laboratory equipment our products Laboratory Autoclave, Medical Autoclave, Stainless Steel Autoclave, Dental Autoclave, Used Autoclave, Oil bath shaker, BOD incubator, micropipette, deep freezer are widely used in research centers and major universities. All these products are durable as well as precise and also cost effective.

Autoclaves are most ideal for all applications requiring, routine total destruction of all living micro-organisms. An Autoclaves, tabletop autoclave, fully automatic autoclave for Laboratories, hospitals, nursing homes, R&D labs etc. We are the best company in India to introduce SEMI-AUTOMATIC and FULLY AUTOMATIC VARIANTS of AUTOCLAVES. We are one of the leading suppliers of autoclaves with facilities of in-house as well as on site VALIDATIONS through our NABL Accredited ERTL (Govt. of India) approved calibrators along with MULTI-POINT TEMPERATURE SCANNER for uniform sterilization throughout the chamber. Please have a look at our NEW-ADDITION of TABLE TOP AUTOCLAVE with VACUUM PULSING MODE.

We are include many variety of Autoclaves like Autoclave Vertical, Autoclave Vertical Deluxe , Autoclave Portable, Tabletop Autoclave, Cylindrical Autoclave Manufacturer.We are also manufacturer of sterilization equipments.

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