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Application of AAC Plant

Materials slurry can be held in the combining of the mould and the side plates in AAC plant . After settiling, curing and foaming it can be solidified into the blank. The side plate can bear the blank which shall be cut by the cutting machinery, and fed into the autoclave to be hardened together with the hardening car.

The AAC Equipemnt,hardening car is a carrier which carry the side plates and the blank to enter and leave the autoclave.

The Mould. Side Plate. Hardening Main Technical Parameters:

Serial NumberSizeInner Net Size

Usable Range of Swinging Hanger:

The swinging hanger in AAC production line can turn over the blank (with the mould and the side plates )900 in the air ,hanging and place it on the cutting table or cutting car .After demoulding the blank can then be cut .

The swinging hanger is a main accessory of the equipment for production of the autoclave aerated concrete.

The Main Technical Parameters of the AAC Swinging Hanger:

Serial NumberSize Hanging Weight

The Main Features of AAC Separating Machinery :

  1. The porcelain body flips(separating machine) to be upright to make width of porcelain body 600 mm, the height 1200 mm, so cutting wire like this is more short, not easy to break, not easy to drift, and the cutting precision;
  2. The model is lean, practical, and convenient in installation and maintenance;
  3. The longitudinal AAC block cutting device is fixed. Porcelain body walks on the cutting car to finish longitudinal cutting. The horizontal crosscut device adopting chain transmission can keep crosscut frame and lift transmission in consistence and ensure the cutting precision;
  4. The both sides of the erected porcelain body (600 mm wide) can be in the longitudinal cutting porcelain body, at the same time completing milling flutes without configuring slot processing equipment;
  5. This AAC equipment is simple and convenient in operation. The machine cutting process (flip, longitudinal cut, crosscut) respectively completes in different location, so each station location work are simplified, operation and maintenance convenient.
  6. This AAC separating machine produces not only block but also plank, and makes six porcelain body surface cutting, so the product quality won't be influenced by TuMo oil and die deformation.


The brief intorduction of The Ground Flipping Cutting Machine:

Ground Flipping Cutting Machine

Cutting machine is the main equipment in aerated concrete production. The annual capacity of aerated concrete production is above 50000 cubic meters. Cutting machine is the core equipment, and the indispensable equipment in improving the production quantity.

The JQF series cutting machine we produced can cut the porcelain body implement one pace reachs the designated position, and six sides flip. Because of its advanced technology, and not needing secondary hoisting, it reduces the damage to toporcelain body for the time after time hoisting. Therefore, the products are sold well all over the country, and high praised by vast users. After so many years continuous innovation, our factory developing up to now has produced various models of concrete cutting machine.

The Working Principle of Aerated Concrete Cutting Machine :

Put aerated concrete porcelain body along with baseboard onto overtable, then move the small slide set to the direction of cutting machine, after turning 90 degrees small slide will move porcelain body to cut position, firstly the all around cutting, then the longitudinal cutting. The cutted porcelain body will be moved again by small slide to overable, flipping porcelain body 90 degrees to reverse direction on the reverse. The whole process automatically.

The Advantages of the AAC Ground Flipping Cutting Machine :

  1. Compact structure , easy operation and little maintenance;
  2. Horizontal cutting and vertical cutting finished once;
  3. Hexahedral cutting of the green brick ,product precision in accordance with GB/T 11969-1997;
  4. Satisfying requirements of panel production,product precision in accordance with GB/T 15762-1995;
  5. All waste materials shall be reclaimed, by which secondary pollution will not be resulted in All waste materials shall be reclaimed, by which secondary pollution will not be resulted in ;
  6. Grrrn brick not conglutination
  7. Lead screw drive used in cross ,section cut ,colvin gout of step of fluid drive;
  8. Spacing and interlocking in the mechanical system to prevent accidents caused by improper operation;
  9. In the AAC ground tumpling cutting units ,with equipment to replace steel wire rapidly ;
  10. No bowtie and crack.
Serial No. Model Before cutting blank Cutting cycle(about) Cutting ability(m3/y) Cutting precision(mm) Total power(kw) Equipment configuration dimensions(mm)
1 4M 4040*1240*650 6mim/mold >100,000 6 surface cutting < 2 26.5 1100*4200*5600
2 6M 6050*1540*650 6mim/mold >100,000 6 surface cutting < 2 30 13200*4200*5800

Hoist/Ferry Push Car in the autoclaved aerated concrete plant ,Slings for lifting loads are main equipments in the aerated concrete gas concrete. The AAC hanger can turm over the blank hanging and place it cutting cart. After demoulding, the blank can then be cut .The hanger is a main accessory of the equipment of the equipment for production of the aerated concrete

Technical Parameters of the AAC Hoist/Ferry Push Car :

Weight Inner Net size Hanging Weight
3258kg 4560/2500/555(mm) 7.5T
2920.3kg 6560/2800/555(mm) 7.5T

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